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Videographer Featured

The Saban Community Clinic, in collaboration with strategic partners, serves as a medical home for the under served and those who are most vulnerable by providing comprehensive, dependable and affordable quality health care in a caring environment.  The Clinic, founded in 1967, provides full primary healthcare to 25,000 patients who visit the Clinic over 100,000 times…
5 years ago
Los Angeles, CA, United States

IT Help

All Peoples Community Center provides a broad spectrum of social services to all, regardless of faith or race, and to empower the community to meet its needs by promoting equality, unity, respect and self-determination among all who participate in its programs. They are in need of IT assistance to make sure their WiFi system is…
5 years ago
Los Angeles County, CA, United States

Yoga Instructor FeaturedFeatured

The Los Angeles Leadership Academy prepares urban secondary students to succeed in college or on chosen career paths, to live fulfilling, self-directed lives, and to be effective in creating a just and humane world. They are looking for a yoga instructor for their students.
5 years ago
Los Angeles County, CA, United States

Barber/Hair Stylist

95th Street Elementary School is a part of the LAUSD School System. They would like to provide their neediest students with free hair cuts at school.
5 years ago
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Arts & Athletics

CoachArt creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Get matched with a chronically ill student or sibling in your neighborhood and share your gift/talent/skill! You are matched based on interest, location and availability so that volunteering with CoachArt is as convenient as possible for you. Hours are flexible with…
5 years ago
Los Angeles, CA, United States


El Sereno Middle School is a historic campus, once the home of Wilson High School. With new leadership they are transforming their campus to restore and bring promise with a welcoming environment. They are hoping to have a team come together to update their auditorium so that it can be a thriving hub for local music, performance, and…
5 years ago
El Sereno, Los Angeles, CA, United States


Nueva Vision Community School is a nonprofit organization that believes music is integral for human development.  It has been proven that a quality music education develops a child’s critical thinking and leadership skills, enhances learning in other core subjects, improves early cognitive development, and helps develop creativity and social skills. Since 2005, they have been committed to…
6 years ago
Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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