Well, thePROBOlist is brand new, so there aren’t a whole lot of questions yet. But here are some that we’ve anticipated. If you have other ones, let us know!

Can I post more than one offer or request at once?

Yes. In fact, if you are offering or requesting two different things – e.g., landscaping and orthodontia – it’s easier to separate them so people can look for just what they need.

I live in another state, but there’s someone who could use my skills. Can I help online?

Depends on those skills. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, yes and thanks. If you’re a hairdresser, no – but thanks anyway!

I have valuable skills to offer, but I can only help on Tuesday afternoons. And, come to think of it, I’d prefer to stay in the Valley. West of Reseda. Is that okay?

Sure. Volunteering should not be stressful or onerous. Just put those restrictions in your listing, and see what happens!

Are listings only in Southern California?

For now, yes.

Is there a charge to be on thePROBOlist?


I am in a tough spot right now. Can I request help for myself and my family?

Unfortunately, no. thePROBOlist can only meet requests from registered nonprofits or schools. If you need help and have no association with either of these, please contact us and we will try and point you in the right direction.

Will my contact information be posted on your website?


I don’t want my picture on thePROBOlist.

No problem. Send us a logo or icon, or we can put a generic placeholder where your picture should be.

Will my skills and talents be rated online?


I only want to help cats. Do you have anything that helps cats?

Possibly. Depends on when you’re asking. Everyone has causes that especially speak to them, so we’ve asked our nonprofit partners to mention what their agency does.

My company would like to offer skills through thePROBOlist. Is that possible?

Absolutely. (Please contact us asap!)

I have a weird skill and I’m not sure if anyone need it. Can you use it?

Define “weird.” Actually, on second thought, just try us – you’d be surprised how many people can benefit when people share their hidden talents.

I have a sofa to give away. Can I include it here? (It’s really nice!)

No. However, we’d be more than happy to include it on Big Sunday’s theBIGlist! Just contact us at thebiglist@bigsunday.org.

I am a singer and would love to sing for seniors. I’ve posted my availability on thePROBOlist. But here’s the thing: I’m doing a show at The Mint next weekend, and I’d love to let people know about it. Can you blast it out to your e-mail list, as a way of saying thanks?

No, however we’d be more than happy to include it on Big Sunday’s theARTlist! Just contact us at theartlist@bigsunday.org.

I saw Disney’s name on thePROBOlist. How are they involved?

They provided the generous funding that has made thePROBOlist possible. Disney has been a wonderful supporter of many Big Sunday projects over the years, and we are thrilled that they are supporting this exciting new initiative.

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